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Thứ Hai, 12 tháng 12, 2011

RealFusion-Invest - realfusion-invest.com

I am NOT the admin!


Real Fusion Ltd. is a young but dynamically developing company, founded to render high quality services at stock markets around the world.

Transactions at the stock market are currently one of the most promising and successful ways to earn money.

Stock market has a number of distinct advantages over other types of financial instruments. It is relatively stable, relatively predictable and transparent, so you can significantly reduce your risks.

Operating only at international stock markets, Real Fusion Ltd. can guarantee payments to its investors in strict compliance with the terms of the investment plans chosen by them.
Investment plans:
Alpha Plan
10.00 $ - 500.00$
1.20 % / daily - 69 days

Beta Plan
501.00 $ - 2 000.00$
1.60 % / daily - 99 days

Gamma Plan
2 001.00 $ - 5 000.00$
1.90 % / daily - 159 days

Delta Plan
5 001.00 $ - unlimited
2.10 % / daily - 189 days
* Min Deposit $10
* Accepts LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, Alert Pay, Bank Wire
* Dedicated Server
* DDoS Protected
* Custom made script
* SSL - COMODO High-Assurance Secure Server


My deposit:
Date 11/25/2011 04:52
Batch 77381705
From U1500490
To U3523427 (Real Fusion Ltd)
Amount $20.00
Memo Deposit to realfusion-invest.com username:recordshyip plan: Alpha Plan
Yêu cầu RCB tại đây: http://recordshyip.com/rcb-2.html

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