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Thứ Hai, 12 tháng 12, 2011

EVBusiness - Ev.biz

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EVBusiness Limited is a legal registered private investment company in the United Kingdom with an office located in Newham, London that founded in Jan 2004 by a group of expert traders and professional analysts that specialized in the stock, currencies, bond and gold trading with having more than six years of extensive experiences of combined personal skills and knowledge.
2.8% daily profit,
8% referral commission
Paying 7 days a week
Fully instant withdrawals
Principal withdraw
COMODO Extended Validation SSL, McAfee Secure, Truste Privacy Policy, Dedicated DDoS protected Server, Legal registered company in the United Kingdom, No Minimum withdraw amount.
Plan: 2.8%/daily for 60 days

Accept: LR



Proof deposit: 

Proof pay:

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Good Luck!!!

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