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Thứ Ba, 17 tháng 1, 2012


My bathroom seems to be heavily populated by imported items of late—many of them from Australia. Considering that the natives there know a thing or two about beauty (see Naomi WattsGemma Ward, and Cate Blanchett), I've decided to devote this post to my favorite acquisitions from the land down under. 

1. Bloom Cosmetics' silky eye shadows (above left) glide effortlessly onto lids without creasing, thanks to natural ingredients that include essential oils and botanicals. New, spring shades—Antique Gold, Platinum, and Pistachio—intensify brown, blue, and hazel eyes, respectively. Plus, I adore the quirky, playful packaging (think the Aussie version Benefit). 

2. I've had the pleasure of interviewing Poppy King, creator ofLipstick Queen, on several occasions over the years, and her innovative lip products are as witty and vibrant as she. Oxymoron gloss, for example, offers those with clumsier fingers a foolproof way to get rich, matte lips—and a tiny dab on cheeks gives them a beautiful, creamy flush. 

3. Speaking of having a sense of humor, makeup artist Napoleon Perdis always seems to have fun with his eponymous collection. My recent addiction is his Peep Show Madame Beyond mascara, which lengthens and volumizes fringe to give them sweeping, velvet curtain-like effects. 

4. Remember those 90s infomercials for Nad's wax? The company, which literally began out of founder Sue Ismiel's kitchen, has certainly evolved over the years. My pick? The Large Body Wax Strips. They're neat, double-sided, ready-to-use, and quickly smooth legs—with results lasting up to four weeks.

5. Need a break from the "Ballet Slippers" and "Mademoiselles "of the nail polish world? Try Miss Frou Frou, an indie range that offers punchy, on-trend hues like tropicana orange and pea green—perfect for a summer pedicure.

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